A whole body whitening that will guarantee you a fairer and whiter skin, head to toe. NLighten Whitening Set is complete with facial soap, cleanser, body and facial cream, cushion and underarm cream.
NLighten Whitening Set is composed of:

NLighten Premium Soap

A facial soap that helps revive a younger and more moisturized skin.
NLighten Facial Cleanser

Clears and evens the skin tone by removing residual grimes and blancing skin’s PH level.
NLighten Cloud Cream

Has an instant brightening effect making the skin look healthy and glowing.
NLighten CC Cushion

An advance air cushion technology helps you achieve a flawless and lighter skin.
NLighten Body Cream

A non-sticky whitening cream that has instant brightening effect nourishing and enhancing skins’s protective barrier.
NLighten O2 Bubble Cleanser

Hydrates and rejuvenates your skin with its special oxygen content.

Want to stay white this summer? Try the NLighten Whole Body Whitening Set. You can never go wrong with NLighten cosmetics. Made from Korea and has been proven to be safe, all-natural ingredients with no side effects. Don’t let the summer ruin your maintained beauty. Stay beautiful on this very hot season. Bring back the whiter and fairer you.


Author: nlightencherilyn11

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